Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is it?
Yes, and here's why:
  • we do not need your personal data and password, only a link to your account or video;
  • our site is protected by an SSL certificate;
  • the purchase is made through PayPal.
How is the order going?
  1. Choose the appropriate package that best suits your purpose.
  2. Enter your username / the link to your account / video into the form. Please note that your account must be publicly available, otherwise we will not be able to complete your order.
  3. Complete the payment with PayPal.
  4. All orders are completed within 24 hours. Don't worry if you don't receive the order immediately
If you have any questions please contact us.
The order did not come, what to do?
  • is your account open;
  • whether you entered the link or username correctly;
  • was there a change of nickname after placing the order;
  • your account or video has not been deleted or blocked by the service for violations;
  • wait 24 hours for delivery to complete.
If everything is so, and there is no order for more than 24 hours, contact us and we will solve your problem.
What guarantees do you give?
We guarantee that you get as many subscribers or likes as you ordered within 24 hours. Subscribers and likes do not disappear upon receipt.
If you're not sure, try starting with 100 followers or likes to see the result.
Are the followers and likes real?
Followers look exactly like the real ones. They are all with their own avatars, nicknames, activity. From the outside, likes are no different from the real ones.
How do I make my TikTok profile public?
Go to the settings of your TikTok account, select Confidentiality and uncheck the first item, if it is checked.
To make sure your profile is available, you can open your profile URL in your browser.
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